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On our constantly updated blog, we share articles related to career building and self-development, as well as there is an opportunity to place corporate content. Show your target audience what it's like to work for you, whether through an interview or a PR article!

In our Thematic Weeks campaign series, we highlight a topic or sector that concerns young people the most each month. Join with professional content, video, learning tips, open positions relevant to the current topic, for which we provide a special marketing campaign!


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Set up your virtual booth and show why it is good to work for you! Upload introductions, jobs and videos to your profile, preview the visitor’s resumes who visit your booth and chat or video interview with relevant candidates!


What are our job fairs like?

• We bring a new dimension of recruitment at JOB4me, the Virtual Job Fair.

• We have organized HVG Job Fair 26 times in 13 years and have brought thousands of people to Budapest Sport Arena seven times.

• We have organized the Women’s Career Day four times so far at Millenáris Park.

• We have taken part in the organization of the Hatvan Job Fair since its launch.

• We have helped the organizers of WestEnd Career Days and Corvinus Expo select professional programmes.

Are you interested in appearing at one of our physical or virtual events like JOB4me? Would you rather organize your own? We are happy to help, talk about your goals! Enter your contact details in the form below and we will contact you within one business day!

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Provide a great experience

Santa's Campaign | Sunnyversity

Wouldn’t it be great if the name of your company sounded familiar to your target group? Would you like to be known as a popular employer?

If you answered ’yes’ to at least one these questions, you might want to consider expanding your online presence with experience-based employer branding activities.


We have organized factory tours, free give-aways at universities, quiz nights...
Would you like to provide a unique experience too?

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With the HR agency services of, we take the recruitment and communication tasks off your shoulders. Contact us if you are interested in how college / fresh graduates see your brand and would like to address them in an online or offline campaign. We are at your disposal from the planning of the communication, through the graphic service, text writing, online (recruitment) campaign to the organization of an event.

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